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GenialPets™ - Pet Rubber Ball

GenialPets™ - Pet Rubber Ball

GenialPets™ - Pet Rubber Ball

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Fetchy, bouncy, chewy, and yummy!

chewy bouncy treat toy ball for dogs

Keeping your dog up and moving has never been this easy. The Chew Ball even helps clean your pup's teeth.

  • Non-Toxic Material
  • Entertaining
  • Strong Design
  • Plaque Removing

Just fill the Rubber Ball with tempting food and turn the toy into a tasty puzzle of alone-time deliciousness.

Reward Your Pup for Being Active!
Our Treat Ball is a fun interpretation of a slow feed bowl that promotes a healthy lifestyle for your pet. You can put a portion of your dog’s meal in the ball, only allowing them to eat what is dispensed when the ball is rolled.

It can be filled with treats or kibble and set to a desired difficulty level using the ball’s adjustable interior disc. This toy promotes active feeding, giving your dogs the exercise they need and then rewarding them for it!

Helps Clean Your Dog’s teeth while the dog is Playing
When you are busy with your work or when they stay alone, good ball dog toys will keep your dog company and help him/here keep away from depression and boredom. Keep them happy and not lonely.

Safe & Non-Toxic Rubber Material
These ball dog toy are made of safe and healthy rubber materials which are suitable for chewing, playing and training.



What’s better than your dog burning a few calories while having fun and working for those treats? The Chew Ball is perfect for times when your puppy is stuck at home for long periods of time.


Dogs enjoy the challenge and reward of working for food. The design of The Chew Ball will keep your puppy busy and entertained for hours on end!


The Chew Ball is designed to get in all the hard places in your pup's teeth, removing plaque and helping with his/her oral hygiene without you having to brush their teeth.


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