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GenialPets ™ - Portable Water Bottle

GenialPets ™ - Portable Water Bottle

GenialPets ™ - Portable Water Bottle

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The only accessory you need to keep your puppy hydrated in the summer!

Water is a vital element also for dogs as it is essential for their organic functions. From now on, you no longer have to carry a bowl with you or try to give him a drink in the summer with a plastic bottle throwing on the ground more water than your puppy can drink. Our GenialPets - Portable water bottlee solves this big problem!

It is both one bowl that a water container easy to use. Our GenialPets - Portable water bottlee is the easiest way to give your dog water on long summer walks. All you have to do is fill the bottle before going out and block the passage of water with the special button to avoid leaks during the journey.


When your dog is thirsty just unlock the safety button and hold down the button that delivers water to the bowl and you're done!

No more waste of water: Unused water can easily return to the container by pressing the water dispensing button. This way, your dog will always have enough water!


  • Suitable for any breed of Dog Cat
  • Made of plastic Safe and NOT Toxic
  • Capacity  12 OZ / 350 ML; 18.6 OZ / 550 ML
  • Easy to use  even to a love
  • Colors  Blue, Turquoise, Pink, White

Parcel includes

  • 1X GenialPets - Portable Bottlee


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